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  • Future Forwards - Sat 25th March - Sat 22nd April 2017

    This exhibition examines the role which different making techniques such as digital technology, 3D printing, Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Computer Aided Design and laser cutting play in craft today.

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  • In the Window - Hayley Beckley 1st - 30th April 2017

    This collection of unique, structural collars and bow ties is constructed through creative pattern drafting and precision sewing utilising Hayley’s previous experience as a costumier.

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  • Artist Talk with Hugh Miller - 25th April 2017

    This event is open to current and new subscribing members of Bluecoat Display Centre & The Athenaeum. As part of Bluecoat Display Centre’s ongoing programme of exciting artist’s talks, the next event will feature furniture maker, Hugh Miller, who will speak about his artistic career.

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  • Michael Brennand-Wood workshop / 30th April 2017

    This one-day workshop will focus on the creation of a bespoke collection of three-dimensional lines and threads. Participants will create a personal vocabulary of expressive linear experiments that may well become part of future works. Technically we will look at twisting, binding, joining, collage, elasticity, knotting and tension. Conceptual sources will include references to selected artists whose work has a distinctive linear approach, object writing, calligraphy, ideograms, graphic scores and rhythmic imagery derived from the musical and natural world.

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  • LightNight - Free Artist Talk with Tom Hill / 19th May 2017

    Bluecoat Display Centre are hosting a Meet the Maker event from 6-7pm on LightNight with wire artist Thomas Hill, whose work will be exhibited In the Window.

    San Francisco based wire artist Tom Hill will be flying in especially for LightNight Liverpool to talk about his work.

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  • Outreach Programme / Workshops / Residencies

    See the latest updates from our ongoing Outreach programme. We have been successfully working with health and social care partners, including Person Shaped Support (PSS) on an outreach programme of artist–led workshops and residencies to demonstrate the benefits that craft can have on a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

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  • Leading the Way in Contemporary Crafts

    The Bluecoat Display Centre is a nationally and internationally recognised contemporary craft and design gallery that has been established since 1959.

    We sell, exhibit and promote over 350 selected contemporary craftspeople each year working in a broad variety of media.

    Bluecoat Display Centre has been a registered charity since 2010: Charities number 1136680

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