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  • Craft Goes Pop! | 24th January 2015 - 7th March 2015

    Craft Goes Pop is a celebration of The Pop Art movement which emerged during the 1950s reflecting upon themes of popular culture, mass media, consumerism, means of production and bold colour statements. This exhibition will revisit the Pop Art movement through contemporary craft, bringing together a neon mix of works made by hand by various designer/makers working in a range of craft media.

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  • In The Window | 1st - 31st March 2015

    Megan Ocheduszko - Selected as our Manchester Metropolitan University 3D Design Graduate Prize 2014, Megan Ocheduszko explores the sense of touch through this exhibition and selection of jewellery.

  • Workshop - Sculptural Scarf Making - Sun 29th March - 11am - 4.00pm

    The workshop will be led by local textile artist Nawal Gebreel. You will make a scarf using hand folding and hand stitching techniques on fabric. Participants will have a choice of two different coloured fabrics to work with. The stitches and folding will create a three-dimensional quality to the fabric which is a trademark of Nawal’s own beautifully sculptural wraps and scarves.

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  • Artist's Talk | Libby Bower - Tues 24th Feb - 1.00pm - 4.00pm

    As part of Bluecoat Display Centre’s ongoing programme of exciting artist’s talks, the next event will feature Cheshire based artist Libby Bower. She makes framed, collaged artworks depicting various characters and animals, taking inspiration and style from her background in theatre and the stage. Libby creates textures and shadows using inks, feathers, fabrics, wax, watch-parts and many other found objects. Due to her enjoyment of this, she has recently been making small costume design drawings for the greetings card industry. (Libby has also worked for Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Unity Theatre, other independent theatre companies.)

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  • Leading the Way in Contemporary Crafts

    The Bluecoat Display Centre is a nationally and internationally recognised contemporary craft and design gallery that has been established since 1959.

    We sell, exhibit and promote over 350 selected contemporary craftspeople each year working in a broad variety of media.

    Bluecoat Display Centre has been a registered charity since 2010: Charities number 1136680

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