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  • Music Makers | Curated by Michael Brennand-Wood

    Music Makers | Friday 21st March - Saturday 3rd May

    We approached the textile artist Michael Brennand-Wood to invite him to curate an exhibition.

    The concept for Music Makers is relatively simple I’ve invited artists to make a single work that references the three classic musical storage formats pre digital, the12” Vinyl or Album, a 7” Single or a 4.5” CD in size. The subject of their work can reference an Album or particular track/song. It could be popular, classic, iconic or wilfully obscure, in any media or combination of media.’ Michael Brennand-Wood

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  • In the Window: Eleanor Bolton

    Eleanor Bolton is a British jewellery and accessories designer based in London UK. During her MA at the Royal College of Art Eleanor developed a unique craft technique, coiling and hand stitching cotton rope to create lightweight tactile jewellery. This technique now forms the basis for Eleanor’s collections. Sculptural in quality, Eleanor’s jewellery comes from her focus on an intuitive and sensitive approach to the micro details of making processes, as well as to the precise scale of the pieces. This attention to detail, combined with the innovative use of the materials define Eleanor’s approach and strong aesthetic appeal, forming an alternative point of view on the boundaries between art and design.

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  • Free Live Music Events

    To complement our current Music Makers exhibition curated by Michael Brennand-Wood we have programmed some live music performance which will be free to attend and take place in the exhibition over the next month.

    Mark Byrne | Saturday 12 April, at 15.00

    Mike Badger | Saturday 19 April, at 14.30

    Midnight Llama | Saturday 26 April, at 15.30

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  • Leading the Way in Contemporary Crafts

    The Bluecoat Display Centre is a nationally and internationally recognised contemporary craft and design gallery that has been established since 1959.

    We sell, exhibit and promote over 350 selected contemporary craftspeople each year working in a broad variety of media.

    Bluecoat Display Centre has been a registered charity since 2010: Charities number 1136680

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