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An interview with Nikolay Sardamov

Written by May Haddon | Posted on: December 15, 2014

Hi, I’m May, I’m blogging regularly for Bluecoat Display Centre featuring exhibiting artists as well as up and coming artists whom I am interested in.

It was Nikolay Sardamov’s enamelled dog brooches that first caught caught my eye when finding the next artist to feature on this blog.   I love the shapes and rich colours he uses to create the jewellery; the way he has layered contrasting textures, geometrical shapes and vivid colours is what makes the objects so vibrant and dynamic.  The brooches are from his latest collection called “Brand New” which is on display in the current exhibition, Garden City at Bluecoat Display Centre. I recently interviewed Nikolay about his work, here are his thoughts about his jewellery and inspirations:

My favorite jewellery …

“In most cases my favourite is the last piece I have finished making.  At first it is rather strange and unfamiliar, and I have to get used to it in order to like it.

I have also favored collections, because they are connected with things in my life that somehow influence, and are reflected in my jewellery. Sometimes the parallels to my life are visible to the public, sometimes only I can see them.

My jewellery pieces are part of me and my experiences and emotions throughout the years, and maybe for this reason they are all so different.

I like playing. Making jewellery for me is a kind of game with forms, colours and materials.”

Inspiration …

“I get inspiration at any given moment and from all sorts of things: from a conversation with a friend, to something I have found on the street.”


“I don’t have a favourite material for my jewellery. I like the experiment and therefore use very different materials: from sugar to gold.”


“My workshop is in an apartment in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.

It is equipped with all instruments I need and I’m also close to the people I rely on for my work: my assistant Yana Pashova and my caster Dimitar Ivanov, who is based in the beautiful Bulgarian town of Plovdiv.

I don’t know if my workshop is perfect, but I do feel comfortable there.

Years ago I mainly spent my working time in creating jewellery. Now, there is a lot more to do, like organising exhibitions and preparing commissions for my galleries in Europe. This requires strict organisation and a lot of office work that is sometimes just too much for me.”

Limitations… Barriers …no limitations

“I never put any limitations on myself in the process of creating my jewellery.”

Directions …

“I don’t know where my jewellery is heading. I tell my personal stories through the jewellery and am very glad when somebody discovers something in my pieces which touches them too and makes them want to have a particular piece of jewellery.”

Motto …

“Work and enjoy yourself.”

(To see more of Nikolay’s work, visit the Garden City exhibition at Bluecoat Display Centre which continues until Saturday 17th January 2015.)

Written by May Haddon, GCSE student at West Kirby Grammar School.

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