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Making a Mark

Making a Mark / Monday 17th February - Friday 1st May

Bluecoat Display Centre has launched a new Outreach Project in partnership with PSS (Person Shaped Support). The new programme of artist-led workshops, ‘Making a Mark’ will demonstrate the benefits that craft can have on a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Participation in creative activities can bring a sense of achievement. It allows for stretching the imagination, putting our own stamp on things, making our mark and expressing something significant and personal.

Working in partnership with social care charity PSS, Bluecoat Display Centre will offer inspiring and accessible, arts and crafts sessions with diverse under-represented groups.

Groups will take part in arts and craft workshops, across two days, which will introduce them to a new skill, help them to interact with other people, and to demonstrate how arts and craft activities can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

PSS works to support and empower some of the most vulnerable groups in the community through the provision of a diverse range of community, health and social care services.  They are proactive in building partnerships with partner organisations who share their commitment to the use of innovative approaches to enable people who use their services to achieve personal growth and positive outcomes.  Following the success of the previous workshops involving people supported by PSS, their aim is to develop their partnership with Bluecoat Display Centre through this project.

With the generous support of public funding from Arts Council England and the Ernest Cook Trust, Bluecoat Display Centre are able to host workshops with some of the North-West’s leading makers exploring textiles, ceramics, printing, weaving, and will aim to teach new skills in craft.

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Rachael Howard Screen-Printing with Enable / Friday 28th March - Thursday 17th April

Artist Rachael Howard hosted a screen printing workshop with PSS group Enable to celebrate 20 years of their service. Enable supports people with learning, physical and mental health difficulties when out in their local community. (2014)

Nawal Gebreel Silk Painting with the Avenue Project / Friday 20th June - Thursday 26th June

Local textile artist, Nawal Gebreel, hosted a workshop with PSS group, The Avenue Project in Belle Vale. The project supports people who are experiencing mental ill health and emotional distress, and allows them to gain support and information through education, training, social activities and support.

The group used printing techniques to make wall based artworks and scarves. (2014)


Robbie Manning Ceramic Workshop at the Leeson Centre / Tuesday 8th July - Tuesday 15th July

The Leeson Project is a community based Mental Health Resource Centre. The service aims to provide a safe, friendly and informal environment  offering activities, support and encouragement to individuals and families from the communities of Speke and Garston whose lives are affected by their mental health needs. (2014)

Jeanne-Marie Kenny Memory Box Making with the Dementia Befriending Service / Monday 7th July - Wednesday 23rd July

The PSS befriending service provides basic assistance to people with dementia and their carers. It gives people with dementia the opportunity to meet new people, try new things and develop a new social group. For those who care for someone with dementia it gives the time to go out and do some shopping, meet some friends or do other things they might not usually be able to.

Jeanne-Marie used collage techniques to help participants to create beautiful unique keepsake boxes. (2014)

Sian Hughes Cyanotype Workshop with the Umbrella Centre / Thursday 31st July - Thursday 7th August

The Umbrella Centre provides an informal, friendly atmosphere, where people experiencing mental ill health and emotional distress can gain support through education, training and self-help networks. Examples being anxiety management, coping with depression, assertiveness, drama, relaxation, support with work or study, and women and men only groups.

Sian Hughes hosted a cyanotype workshop where participants used personal items and early photography techniques to create unique artworks. (2014)



Mike Badger Recycling Workshops with Family Impact / Wednesday 6th August - Tuesday 26th August

The Family Impact team covers two key areas; families affected by alcohol and substance misuse and families affected by parental imprisonment. This workshop worked with the children during the summer holiday, to encourage them to use their imagination, turning recycled materials into sculptures of insects. (2014)


Alison Little Papier mache & sculpture with Mi Champions / Thursday 13th November - Thursday 20th November

Alison Little hosted a workshop with Mi Champions.

The group created a ceramic sculpture in the shape of a dog in a crouching pose from wire and papier Mache which was then painted. They also identified a name for the piece: ‘Buddy’. The piece was large and ambitious in scale. It was used as a centre piece to illustrate the positive impact of volunteers and their work upon communities. (2014)

John Ayling Wirework & Sculpture with The Avenue Project / Tuesday 3rd February - Tuesday 10th February

Local artist, John Ayling, hosted a workshop with PSS group, The Avenue Project in Belle Vale. The project supports people who are experiencing mental ill health and emotional distress, and allows them to gain support and information through education, training, social activities and support.

Patricipants made wire figures based on the artist Giacometti’s works. These figures were then covered in layers of newspaper and glue to form a fuller figure. The artworks were then glazed with a glue meaning participants were able to see their own sculpture take shape. (2015)