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Life Rooms (Make For Life)

Life Rooms (Make For Life) / Wednesday 1st August - Thursday 28th February

This part of our outreach programme involved a series of craft workshops led by 6 local artists with our partners Mersey care NHS Foundation Trust – Life Rooms Recovery College (LRRC) in Walton. Each maker also ran a session at Walton Hospital’s Clock View inpatient unit, teaching people living with Dementia making techniques.

The Recovery College is a centre for learning, recovery, health and wellbeing and a base for a range of life opportunities for service users, carers and the wider community. Life Rooms challenge stigma and promote positive mental health and wellbeing. Their work supports people to get ‘work ready’, building confidence and self-esteem which is often achieved through social activity such as arts and crafts.

September 2018

Simon Shaw (Pottery Making). The group learned how to make coil pots using clay and made some very accomplished pots. The sessions allowed participants to explore their creativity and feel the therapeutic benefits which hands on making can have.

October 2018

Mike Badger (Making insects with recycled materials). Mike provided the group with a range of recycled materials collected from the home such as bottle tops, plastic, pegs and showed them how to combine these with wire to make a range of decorative creatures.

November 2018

Elizabeth Willow (paper). Elizabeth taught a group how to make various forms including paper stars to celebrate the lead up to Christmas. Participants learned how to use simple paper tools and different types of paper folding to make 2D object.

January 2019

Gill Curry (Printmaking). Gill taught people simple printmaking using landscapes and nature as a starting point. They worked industriously alongside Gill, making a range of high prints and acquiring new skills, dexterity and creative thinking.

February 2019

Attila Olah (ceramics).The group learned how to make ceramic tiles, using stamps and different styles of mark making to decorate the tile surfaces. They then moved onto making vessels from clay.

March 2019

Helen Chatterton (textiles). The group learned how to experiment with knitting, casting on, choosing colour and casting off.