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PSS Workshops 2015 – 2016

PSS Workshops 2015 – 2016 / Thursday 1st October - Tuesday 31st May

Bluecoat Display Centre have successfully worked with health and social care partners, including Person Shaped Support (PSS) on an outreach programme of artist–led workshops and residencies to demonstrate the benefits that craft can have on a person’s overall health and wellbeing. The first cycle ran from October 2015 – August 2016 and involved 6 x 2 day workshops with PSS and 2 hospital based residencies running for 6 weeks each. This enabled a more immersive experience for the participants. The PSS workshops have all been funded by the P.H. Holt Foundation to whom we are very grateful for their ongoing support.

This series of workshops was funded by the P.H. Holt Foundation.

October 2015


Local textile artist Helen Chatterton ran workshop sessions in October with the Person Shaped Support (PSS) Turnaround Project. The Turnaround Project was developed to support women involved in the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and for women at risk of offending. Helen showed members of the group how to knit with a set of needles, wool and instructions.




November 2015


Local paper artist Elizabeth Willow ran a simple book making workshop with the Person Shaped Support (PSS) Turnaround Project. Elizabeth taught the group how to create a set of simple and beautiful blank book forms, to be filled with content during the classes or afterwards. They made soft and hard-backed books, including traditional pamphlets, origami-based flower and map books, and accordion or concertina books. Participants were taught how to work with paper, including folding, tearing and basic stitching techniques, which they were then free to practice at home.


February 2016 


Local textile artist Nawal Gebreel hosted workshops at The Leeson Centre. The Leeson provide courses and creative approaches for those experiencing the challenges of living with anxiety, depression and emotional distress. Nawal taught the group how to create a landscape picture using different sections of fabric. This allowed participants to use their imaginations and experiment with colour and texture while learning a new skill.





March 2016


Ceramic artist Kirsti Hannah Brown taught a group of adults with mental health issues at Umbrella Centre how to create and build small scale ceramics. The participants created textures on clay before building a vessel of their choice. Kirsti then fired the pieces in her own kiln before delivering them back to the group who were delighted with the final results.




April 2016


Mike Badger hosted a workshop at Umbrella Centre. He taught a group of adults with mental health issues how to create robots from a variety of recycled objects. The group thoroughly enjoyed using their imaginations to make query and colourful objects







May 2016



Sian Hughes hosted a workshop at The Avenue Project. She taught the group how to create cyanotype prints. They made a variety of images using light and chemicals to make a picture of their choice.