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Making a Difference

Making a Difference / Monday 1st February - Saturday 30th April

Artist in residence project with local Liverpool hospitals

February – August 2016

Artist in residencies for 3 North West based craft artists happened at the Royal Liverpool University & Broadgreen hospitals (RLH) and The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust (TWC).

Funded by an Arts Council Grants for the Arts award, our fundraising July garden party and our hospital partners, the artists each worked for 2 days per week over a 6 week period. They worked with patients, relatives, clinicians, volunteers and staff with the elderly & those with dementia at the RLH, stroke rehabilitation & trauma units at BG and neurology wards at TWC.

The 3 local artists were textile artist Rachael Howard who worked at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, ceramic artist and designer Mari-Ruth Oda at The Walton Centre in Fazakerley and the potter John Ayling who was based at Broadgreen hospital.

The selected artists developed workshop sessions which engaged, calmed and relaxed patients, encouraging them to work with their hands and learn new skills.

The experience of working with patients and staff contributed to the development, by the artists, of 3 high quality artwork commissions that will were sited in The Walton Centre and the new Royal University Teaching Hospital currently under construction.

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Rachael Howard at Royal Liverpool University Hospital / Thursday 18th February - Wednesday 30th March

At the end of the 6 week project Rachael had worked with elderly and Dementia patients on 34 occasions and involved 3 staff. She taught them how to draw using brush pens with various imagery for inspiration.

We worked with some patients on more than one occasion which seemed to help as they were often more relaxed, keen and ready to participate having already worked with Rachael.

Bluecoat Display Centre supporting staff and the artist witnessed directly the positive effect of drawing with the dementia patients. Their confidence grew with the assistance of the artist and their focus and concentration improved as they worked, particularly with the brush pens provided.

Mari-Ruth Oda at The Walton Centre / Wednesday 24th February - Thursday 31st March

Mari-Ruth Oda was selected from a shortlisted group of 6 artists by a panel involving senior representatives from the Hospital Trusts. She also produced a high quality public art piece for the hospital as part of the project which was influenced and informed by the residency.

This residency involved Mari teaching patients and staff the making of polymer clay work tiles which were then decorated. The residencies took place on two afternoons per week for approximately 4 hours each.

The wards which were utilised were the Chavasse Ward  and the Complex Rehabilitation Unit, Outpatient Clinic and Pain Management Clinic based in the Sid Watkins Building.

51 individuals took part in the sessions. Some just once, others attending more than one session. Individuals ranged from patients, hospital staff, family members and other visitors.

John Ayling at Broadgreen Hospital / Wednesday 13th April - Wednesday 25th May

John Ayling was artist in residence at Broad Green hospital involving the Trauma and Stroke Rehabilitation unit. John worked with 49 patients and 27 staff making 76 individuals in all.

John worked with patients to create a ‘mandala’ initially using seeds, grains and lentils to quickly and temporarily help staff and patients understand his ambitions. This was followed by wooden templates to collage torn paper images of plants, flowers, leaves and trees, some of the paper came from catalogues supplied by the National Wildflower Centre, others from photographs taken by John. For the final commission John will made ceramic transfer prints from the patient’s collaged panels which were then transferred to ceramic wall panels, permanently sited in Broad Green hospital.