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Jewellery / Glasgow

“My work is concerned with the natural landscape’s ability to trigger memory and emotion. I document the surroundings of my family environment in the rural West Coast of Scotland as it elicits potent memories.

In my research, I consider connotations of home, shelter and dwelling, using water as a visual metaphor for transience. Water holds a sense of duality; it is a mediator between being and gone, encompassing many states of presence.

I comment on the notion of precious worth, by working exclusively in silver and ‘non-precious’ found stones from the beaches. I use processes such as casting and fusing to induce a sense of organic unpredictability. My most recent collection, Cairn, takes inspiration from the beaches of Tralee and Craigneuk, in Benderloch, Argyll.

I have just finished two artist residencies; one in Laugarvatn, Iceland, and another at The Scottish Sculpture Studios, Lumsden, Scotland.”

– Ellis Mhairi Cameron