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Ceramicist / London

I started working with clay in my mid-thirties when I began a two year apprenticeship with the potter Edmund de Waal.  We first met in 1989 when I was working as an actor and I bought some pieces from his studio. I grew to love using and living with his work and when I learned that he was considering taking on an apprentice I wrote to him to make my interest clear…
That is how it all began and following my apprenticeship I have been working from my own studio in South London since 1998. My work is thrown Limoges porcelain and I currently use two glazes – a glossy, black/brown tenmoku (in conjunction with splashes of the black iron oxide, illmenite) and a vivid, pale blue celadon. The work is reduction-fired in my gas kiln to around 1260°C. All the pots are designed for domestic spaces and will do a job if you want them to – function still plays a large role in my work. The range includes cups, beakers, bowls, lidded jars, teapots and pots for flowers. I like clean lines and simple forms.