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Glass / United Kingdom

Glass artist Sabrina Cant is inspired by nature, citing artists Turner and Rothko as central influences upon her practice. Sabrina creates elegant bird form in glass, exploring in particular the reflective properties of colour and light.

My sculpture, which is predominantly cast glass, uses a colour grading technique I developed at the Royal College of Art with combinations of colour that I have tested and have been continuously developing over the past 9 years. The abstract external forms and their internal geometry are determined by the colour effects I wish the viewer to see, which also vary significantly with the viewing angle and conditions of illumination. Differently coloured internal segments are seen in combination by means of internally transmitted and refracted light, for example to achieve a gradual transition from one colour to another.

Some sculptures feature thin shafts or other shapes of light at their centre or outside edges. Air bubbles are sometimes incorporated in predetermined patterns, termed veiling, or in random distribution, and these bubbles can be highlighted by suitable illumination.

While glass, colour, geometry and light are the visible parameters of my sculptures, they are founded on years of training, experience, research and development of processes, together with many days of hard physical work in cutting, grinding and polishing, work on which I thrive and I believe is embodied in each finished sculpture.

In summary, I strive for beauty by means of conceptual thought, especially in desired colour effects and consequent geometry, traditional and innovative techniques and hard labour.”

– Sabrina Cant