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Jewellery / Manchester

Cabbage is King creates art jewellery for a post-modern generation. Inspired by a host of cultural phenomenon, including Dada, Science fiction, satirical cartoons and Mythology, designer Greig Alderman appropriates diverse styles, playfully cutting and pasting different elements to create new forms and narratives; exploring the boundaries between fantasy and reality, the mundane and the exotic.

Paint tubes exude colourful rocks and materialist pigs swallow the world as the prosaic and commonplace gives rise to the significant and esoteric. Whimsical, humorous, unusual and occasionally ironic, Greig’s work is predominantly sculptural in style, combining symbolic elements, which often manifest as characters.

Particular to Greig’s aesthetic is a careful consideration of colour, texture and pattern, realised through the use of assorted materials and new technologies, combined with precious metals, enamels, gemstones and traditional hand skills.

Greig invites his audience to share in the artists imagination, to engage in a type of mutual poetry, he believes each piece becomes uniquely significant for the individual through the veil of personal experience.  The essential meaning of the work thus depends as much on the impressions of the audience as the intentions of the creator.

Made by hand through a particular process of initial drawing, through to testing and exploration, some works are constant, many are of a low batch production, whilst others are completely unique, existing as Objets d’art and adornment, of equal vantage displayed as worn.

Greig regularly works to commission and exhibits nationally; since conception in 2011, he has been selected for 3 major initiatives, supporting the ‘very best of emerging jewellery design talent in the UK’.