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Ceramics / Liverpool

My research into porcelain and Bone China vessels relates to the study of rock formations and tidal changes along the Lancashire coastline and the area of South Devon around the Budleigh Salterton region.

My on-going research into geological formations from the areas of the Giant’s Causeway Northern Ireland, the Grand Canyon Arizona, Stintino Sardinia and the Minas gerais area of Brazil has developed during the past years.

The coastline of Australia and especially Frazer Island has also been particularly influential during the making of these latest pieces.

The use of sand-blasting techniques in relation to pierced relief decoration and technical research into the translucency of bone china bodies and the optimum firing schedule is on-going.

Light and the interplay of translucency both internally and externally has manifested itself in these latest pieces.


Drawing is fundamental to my ceramic practice .I aim to draw with light through the use of translucency and perforations in Bone China.


“Drawing onto Clay is firing thoughts into ceramic .The concern is not academic correctness in drawing but to create a work of visual decorative poetic surprise, and aesthetic satisfaction.”

Eric Mellon (ceramicist)