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Textiles / Dublin

This all began from my desire to create sustainable, ethical & functional  garments that leave a happy footprint on our earth. Ireland has a rich history of knitwear, which has come to me through my Granny, Mother and Sister.  All wonderful craftswomen.

Embracing a slow and considered approach, my creations are born in the practical. Yet they speak for themselves in their irreverent colour combinations and playful patterns that push the boundaries of traditional Irish knitwear.

I have had a meandering journey around the world of stitches and rows. It started age six when I was learning to ride a red bicycle without stabilisers and it wasn’t going so well. My Mum sat me down at the kitchen counter and taught me to knit instead. I remember the brown wool vividly and took to it quickly. Confidence regained I was soon whizzing around on the bike.

A First Class Honors degree in Interior Design gave me a strong technical foundation. This  paved the way to garment construction and knit calculations, that were mastered at the Grafton Academy in Dublin and Knit-1 Studio in Brighton.  Having always loved making, especially anything pernickety, knitting was the perfect craft for my meticulous eye and nimble hands.