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Tara Squibb (Carter Preston People’s Vote winner)

Tara Squibb (Carter Preston People’s Vote winner) / Wednesday 1st May 2019 - Friday 31st May 2019

Tara’s work was first exhibited as part of our Carter Preston Prize Exhibition, 2018. During the exhibition, visitors voted for their favourite maker. Tara received the most votes and will now be exhibited in this spotlight exhibition. Tara has lived on the Powis Castle estate for over 20 years, an idyllic, remote location in the heart of Wales.

Tara is inspired and influenced by the surrounding landscapes, nature and the constantly changing seasons and weather conditions, where she continually finds inspiration for form, texture and colour. Her current range of work is inspired by an interest in geology and sedimentary erosion. She aims to capture a snapshot of seeming movement, which has been created by the forces of the weather such as the rain or the wind and their effects on nature’s surfaces. This reminds us of the power of the weather which sometimes goes by barely noticed or on occasion can leave behind shocking evidence of its destructive forces. Wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware forms are enhanced with bold coloured engobes to highlight the undulating surfaces created in nature.

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