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New Makers

New Makers / Saturday 27th April 2019 - Saturday 8th June 2019

This exhibition will celebrate the work of recent graduates and newly emerging designer makers, chosen for their innovative design qualities and making skills.

Featuring ceramics by Natalie Moon, Verity Howard and Bethan Wilson, cushions, wall pieces and ceramics by Melissa Camm, Jewellery by Hayley Grafflin, Carolyn Kinnaird and Ella Fearon- Low, glass by Angie Packer and shelving by Emilia Palma Cientanni.




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Verity is a ceramic artist who responds to subjects surrounding people, history and places. By creating slab built works she captures feelings, moods, atmospheres and a sense of place. The forms Verity creates are contemplative, using clay as a medium for drawing and monoprinting. It is important to Verity that the form of her work is integral to the subject she is responding to. That surface and form work together to create a successful and harmonious composition.
Verity graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2015 with a First Class B.A (Hons) Degree in Three Dimensional Design. Since graduating Verity has won numerous awards including the Guldagergaard Network Award, 2015, which enabled her to complete a ceramics residency at Guldagergaard, International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark. Verity continues to exhibit both nationally and internationally and in 2017 was selected for Hothouse, the Crafts Council’s creative business development programme for up-and-coming makers.

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Lazy Sundays. The Fields. The Tower. The Book. That Night

Memories swim and swirl through my mind

A smile, a shiver, the darkness takes control

And all that is left is this overwhelming sense of longing;

That precious moment I can no longer reach.

Be(longing) is a deeply personal narrative of my past, present and future; of distant memories and dark influences. Taking inspiration from the urban environment in which I have immersed myself, I intuitively create flowing forms of weathered surfaces which evoke a sense of bittersweet melancholy. Using both traditional and innovative materials, I subvert and surprise expectations, creating a tangible connection between myself and the wearer.

With each piece I get closer to myself and where I belong.


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‘Kinnaird Jewellery combines inspiration from her travels through countries such as Peru, Morocco and Vietnam. Here Carolyn was captured by the scale of tribal styles of jewellery and by the details of their traditional tribal tattooing. Through Carolyn’s innate contemporary style and vision, Kinnaird jewellery realises the influence of these tribal idiosyncrasies on her work through the creation of uniquely bold, yet simplistic forms.’

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Award winning Artist Jeweller Ella works with strong shapes and diverse materials to create playful sophisticated contemporary jewellery that references historical forms.

Drawing on multiple visual and cultural sources she develops shapes that are both fresh and familiar, whose identities are at the heart of her decorative collections. In her Modern Rococo Collection she layers the silhouettes of royal chess pieces and medieval window details, with the beautiful undulating forms of wooden finials and the energy of Renaissance jewellery.

The conversation between materials is central to Ella’s work. Often pairing precious and non-precious like oxidised silver with Lucite, and gold with brass. She also enjoys exploring the balance and interplay between surface finishes – the twinkle of a hammered rivet against smooth Lucite, the satin finished metals with the rich tones of vintage pearls.

Having studied at Morley College Ella now works from her London studio to develop and hand produce small collections and one off pieces.

Awards: Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship and Design Council Awards – Bronze (2018)


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I am a metal and glass designer/maker. My work is instinctive and often my ideas only emerge as I work; experimentation and freedom to explore is key to my practice. Glass has a fluidity which gives me creative freedom, being almost alive; in contrast, metal requires a more formal approach. I love the difference between these materials and the diverse working methods constantly excite and challenge me to produce innovative work. I often combine glass and metal, each being evident in the final piece, otherwise the metal is only present in the impression that it leaves behind.

I believe that interacting with other artists within a community-based project would be mutually beneficial and I am particularly interested in opportunities to collaborate, share and enhance my practice.

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Natalie Moon is a Manchester based Ceramicist and recent Three-Dimensional Design
Graduate from Manchester School of Art. Primarily working with plaster
and slip casting processes to create precise geometric forms. Tsuki is
a contemporary ceramic collection influenced by traditional Japanese
Shibumi principles, merging the old with the new. Each form,
originally circular, has been intersected to create a stackable,
formfitting arrangement. I have redesigned the traditional plate by
focusing on symmetry, balance and simplicity. The plates are subtly
curved or can be reversed to be a deeper vessel, with the line of
colour intersecting our perception of ‘the plate’, by encouraging
thoughtful, modest food arrangement traditionally seen within Japanese
culture. The vessels rely on the user’s interaction, with them
deciding the function and set.

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Emilia works within the field of interior object design and manipulates wood into taking a curved form. Inspired by water, waves and wind, she has created responses to winter weather through a range of different wood variations and acrylic felt. These designs are minimal and lightweight, and can be disassembled or customised easily.

Emilia is interested in how people absorb information in particular contexts and environments. The inspiration for her simplistic and airy design arose from numerous research trips to Scandinavia that Emilia has taken over the three year course of her degree. Investigating contemporary design principles in both Denmark and Sweden in icy cold conditions has informed her work; not only by seeing innovative work by some of the top designers in Scandinavia but also from absorbing this information in a frosty, sometimes harsh yet always beautiful environment.

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Melissa Camm is a recent graduate of a BA(hons) Textiles and Surface Design degree from The University of Bolton. Melissa loves to work with a contemporary, urban image  and enjoys experimenting with mark making and creating textures, she then takes these onto CAD and uses them to create designs using drawings and inspiration to create outcomes that can be used for interior products.

By experimenting with mark-making, textures, working with different line weights, styles and also scale she creates a variety of outcomes. These help to explore different ways of creating a design and expanding on her passion for design to create urban styled designs. Melissa uses different fine liners to create drawings, which help when experiment when taken into CAD to create outcomes.

Melissa is also competent at working on a computer and experimenting with different artwork to create patterns. Using different motifs to create block and drop repeats that can be used on anything from a feature cushion to a wallpaper.

Her work has been exhibited at New Designers, London in 2018. Smithills Hall in Bolton for ‘The Originals’ project in 2017. Market Place shopping centre in Bolton for the ‘Worktown’ project in 2016. She has also entered competitions such as Mood in 2016 and worked within a live brief with Gohar of the theme Slow Futures and Materials.

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Bethan Wilson studied her BA in Three-Dimensional Design at the Manchester School of Art. She now lives in Stockport and has set up her ceramics practice since 2017. She produces limited-edition ceramic vessels inspired by historical narratives about locations which are local to her family. She is intrigued by nostalgia and the impact our historical ancestry has on our lives.


Her collection ‘Coal & Clay’ commemorates potteries and the collieries of Stoke-on-Trent: her mother’s birthplace. Inspired by her personal connection to these Staffordshire industries, her slab-built stoneware vessels reference the mining lamps and bottle kilns. They are decorated with mono-printed illustrations of the industrial workers as well as stamped details and are glazed with a monochrome palette.


Bethan was a recipient of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Prize for her degree show. She rents a shared studio space in Moss Side, Manchester; and she shows her work at the Barewall Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent.

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