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Textile Artist / Yorkshire

Ruth has been designing for major commercial companies for over 10 years.

Spending the last 4 years as a Creative Manager allowed Ruth to focus on the bigger picture and build a line of products from start to finish rather than one product at a time. This is what she enjoys the most, utilising brilliant design and building ranges.

In 2014 she developed her first independent offering & kick started her aspiration to bring her own personal creations into people’s homes.

Lancashire born – yorkshire based, Ruth designs from her home studio
combining natural elements, urban influences and contemporary trends to create a unique and fearlessly authentic style.

The small production pieces are highly textured and richly organic. Each unique and personal expression has an unobvious depth, that demands the viewer to look a little deeper and formulate their own response.

From an early age Ruth has recorded life by keeping a diary; drawing, pressing
leaves, collecting twigs and fully absorbing herself in her surroundings. She has always enjoyed looking that bit deeper, finding beauty in humble places and enjoying more from life by seeing more than the obvious.