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Ceramicist / Yorkshire

My recent work is a response to discoveries at the tide-line; the ever-changing effect of ripples in water and sand and to natural objects such as pebbles, stones and urchin shells- the wild beaches of Northumbria are great source of inspiration.

The processes and techniques used in making ceramic work are results of long experimentation in ways of imparting marks and textures to the porcelain as I hand-build and burnish the work; each piece is individual and unique due to these making methods.

The details of form and surface, fracture lines, indents and rich textures are revealed and enhanced after firing as natural pigments are repeatedly rubbed into the surfaces then washed and sanded away. When surface, form and colour are in harmony, I seal the work with beeswax and polish it.

These sensual pieces evidence the hands making and invite you also to touch.