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Jeweller / Ceramicist / Liverpool

Duality, movement and illusion are central in both DeeLyn’s jewellery and ceramic designs. These themes are explored with simplicity via the arrangement of repetitive geometric components and shapes, creating sculptural pieces with a bold architectural aesthetic.

DeeLyn’s striking collection combines her love of music with more serious concerns for the environment, as the jewellery is crafted from recycled guitar strings and sterling silver. The innovative use of alternative materials and mechanisms adds unique detail, whilst subtly disguising the original use as part of a musical instrument.

As a side project, DeeLyn has teamed up with NYC based charity The Voice Project, to create the RE::strung jewellery pieces from strings that have been donated by celebrated musicians. These are available from the charity at auctions and their online shop. The proceeds benefit the families of abducted child soldiers in Uganda and others working towards ending the brutal war with the LRA, Africa’s longest running conflict.

Originally from Portland, Oregon in America, DeeLyn has resettled in the UK. She completed her design degree in Liverpool in 2010, earning a first class degree with honours, as well as numerous awards. She was also the Designer in Residence at Liverpool Hope University in 2010-2011 and has now set up her own studio where she is continuing to produce the RE::strung range whilst designing her next range.