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Glass Artist / London

Cathryn Shilling’s years in graphic design allowed her to develop skills in a wide range of creative processes and products which enabled a natural and spontaneous move into glass. She has always found glass a fascinating and seductive material and in her practice she explores its fluidity, its sculptural quality as a solid as well as its transparency.

As a graphic designer Cathryn learnt to solve different problems in a variety of ways and so has come to realise that this has formed the basis of her approach to working in glass. Though sometimes very varied, her work retains a strong graphic quality.

Cathryn is best known for her trademark exquisite glass cloth pieces. Using a painstaking process she brings together strand upon strand of fine glass canes, which are then fused together in the kiln until they resemble sheets of woven fabric. She then turns these pieces of glass cloth into artworks standing from free-standing sculptures to wall pieces.

Using texture, light and colour in a surprising way she evokes a sense of movement within the object; at times it as if the glass fabric is gently blowing against a human form.

For Cathryn, kiln formed glass is the perfect medium, allowing for creative and technical freedom and enabling her to produce works that are tactile, intriguing and enduring.