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Nora Fok: Nature as Nylon

Written by May Haddon | Posted on: April 19, 2015


Hi, I’m May, I’m blogging regularly for Bluecoat Display Centre featuring exhibiting artists as well as up and coming artists whom I am interested in. My focus for this blog is the jeweller Nora Fok

We are very excited to be exhibiting Nora Fok’s work as part of the current group show at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Sculpture as Textiles; Textiles as Sculpture. This exhibition explores the relationship between sculpture and textiles and how these two art forms often inform one another.

Fok’s work stood out to me due to the intricacy and detail of her work.  From afar, Fok’s pieces appear to be small glass objects, but on closer inspection you can see that the structural pieces are in fact made from fine woven nylon. I love the way that Fok uses such a fine material, to create such abstract and dynamic pieces.  Her love for nature is clearly evident in her work, with pieces in the show being inspired by larvae, pollen and cells.  Her work mimics the natural repetition, symmetry and patterns that is seen in leaves, flowers and cells, to create something eye catching and distinctive.  Fok’s necklace named ‘Hebe Andersonii Variegata’ really stood out to me; I was mesmerised by the helix like coil of nylon, which appeared to have no end.  The structure and intricacy of this piece is reminiscent of the regal ruffs and neck pieces worn by the Elizabethans hundreds of years ago, yet it is modern and wearable, and still has the same magnetising appeal.  I love how the pieces are hollow, which allows you to see right through them, but the vibrancy of the colours and shapes makes you look twice and appreciate detail.

Fok takes inspiration from nature, structure and repetition; with the intention of capturing the fascinating forms of hidden geometric patterns within nature.  From her home in Hove, on the East Sussex Coast, Fok creates her sculptural pieces from dyed nylon, which is what makes her work so distinguishing, and is something that I find really interesting.  Nylon is not something generally associated with jewellery or knitted objects, but more with ordinary situations such as fishing and clothing; yet Fok makes use of the the material in an intuitive and versatile way, which is what makes her work even more intriguing.

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  1. edo / Amsterdam

    I’m so impressed with the work of Nora Fok. Gives me a new inspiration to make my own work again. Hope u make more of this gorgeous jewellery.

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