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Art of the Jeweller Review

Written by Helen Chatterton | Posted on: December 13, 2012

To attend one of the Bluecoat Display Centre Artist’s talks and afternoon tea events at the Athenaeum in Liverpool is both a privilege and a pleasure.  Seldom would one get a chance to visit the private member’s club, and the library and dining room are a beautiful setting for both a talk and afternoon tea.


The talk on Tuesday 13th November was given by two local jewelers, Linda Jeanne Jones and Anthony Wong.  It was very well structured and they told us in advance what they were going to cover.  They spoke at a very good pace, and it was very informative and friendly, they obviously get on very well.  They both covered how they got on their respective career paths, both from very different places in many senses.  As a maker myself I found this interesting.


They both talked about techniques, none of which I had ever really considered, I had thought casting was done by ceramicists, not by jewelers and it was fascinating, and sounds horrendously complicated. They passed round lots of samples, and Anthony gave a fascinating demonstration, with full sound effects.  They also talked about their workspaces, and I particularly liked Linda’s story about the sheepskin Jewelers used to keep to catch tiny bits of gold and when collected together saved some of them from bankruptcy.


Anthony talked about a commission he had received whilst on holiday from an American lady, and this was especially interesting as he showed his passion for his subject and also for travel, he included some superb photos.


They both took some questions and then we all went down to the dining room for afternoon tea, which is delicious.  It is a great way to spend a couple of hours in an afternoon


Helen Chatterton

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