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An interview with Katy Hackney

Written by May Haddon | Posted on: July 21, 2015


Hi, I’m May, I’m blogging regularly for Bluecoat Display Centre featuring exhibiting artists as well as up and coming artists whom I am interested in.  My focus for this blog is jeweller Katy Hackney.

Katy’s playful pieces have been admired all over the world, from her cosmic gates in Canary Wharf, to her recent solo show in Kyoto, Japan.  Influences of vintage toys and folk art are clearly evident in her work. She captures the whimsical intrigue of them in an exciting and contemporary way, each piece looking like a missing part of  a child hood game, like mousetrap or buckaroo.

Katy uses a mix of old and new, bought and found, expensive and inexpensive materials. From precious metals, to everyday items such as Formica and paint, Katy treats all of the materials as though they are as precious as each other, not being confined by their everyday uses.  Each texture and colour is placed together in juxtaposition, to make for a dynamic and eye catching piece.

Katy’s ‘Bubble’ necklace is something I am especially drawn to, due to the vibrant colours, combination of shapes and mix of textures she has used.  I also find the concept of her gates in canary wharf really interesting- requested to be ‘open invitation to enter’, they almost welcome visitors rather than pose as an unfriendly barrier.

Katy is currently working as a colour consultant for knitwear designer Jo Gordon aswell as working as an associate lecturer on the BA Jewellery course at Central St. Martins College of Art


Below is my recent interview with Katy Hackney, where she gives an insight into her work and inspiration: 

How do you make your work/ what materials do you use?

I take a lot of photographs and collect materials from all over the place – some more traditional like silver and gold, some plastics, some found things and bits of wood – often recycled or ‘re appropriated’.

I draw ideas up then use my materials to almost collage pieces together.
Some things lie on my bench for months or years before I decide what they will be…

Who do you sell your work to?

Mainly applied art/jewellery galleries, some shops, worldwide.

Describe your studio.

Small and often messy…

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Using lots of different materials, discovering new things I can use.

Who/what inspires you?

The world around me, the everyday.

How has your work changed over past years/ Has new technology influenced your work?

It constantly changes, new technology has made me want to make things by hand…

Do you have any future plans or upcoming events?
At the moment I’m actually working on other projects.

Check out these links to see more of katy’s work:

Instagram: @katyhackney
Twitter: @katyhackney

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