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Jewellery / Dundee

“The aim of my work is to challenge people’s emotions and relations by creating interactive pieces which connect the wearer, the viewer and the object. My jewellery explores our emotional states and their effects on others. By spreading pigments, blowing polystyrene beads and leaking ink, my work comes alive, leaving the marks and traces of our feelings behind us.

I like to experiment with unusual and alternative materials mixed with traditional jewellery skills. In the present day, I feel it’s important to open our minds to a different way of creating wearable pieces in order to bring something new and exciting. Jewellery is a travelling art, a wonderful way to bring and share art with people.

My Moody Tubes collection is made of copper pipes; spray paint; varnish and filled up with (washable) bright pigments. They are for happy people who want to share their joy and make others smile.

The “Dream Drawings” collection is based on intuitive drawings. After putting my mood and my feelings onto paper, I started making 3D pieces playing with computer software and different materials. The jewellery is the final outcomes of my creative process.

Colours are often associated with emotions, but also with personalities. What is yours? Express your feelings, tell us your mood!”