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Textiles / Chester

“I am a textile artist who specialises in the everyday through my textile sculptures, softening the lines of a usually solid idea.

I’m inspired by our surroundings and the unnoticed aspects of life and how as an artist I can alter the status and meaning of objects with my unique textile craft technique.

My current work comes from exploring ideas for the objects which feature in our day to day lives. I began to focus on shopping and began stitching a flat bean can in my room, it made me think ‘I wonder if I can make this completely from stitched textiles?’. Supermarket stitch had begun!

In the past year ,since graduating, I have been continuing my work and expanding my range of soft sculptures from my mum’s kitchen table at home in Neston.

Initially I had no idea how to go about creating my sculptures, so it was a case of trial and error and still is to this day! All of the objects have been taken apart and re-sewn at least 10 times until I get the end result of a piece of flat fabric resembling it’s real life counterpart.”