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Wood Worker / Manchester

Prague, where I was born, is dotted with puppet shops and theatres. Puppets and puppet-making seem to be part of the culture, and maybe that helped me to choose my path. It’s hard to know what came first – my fascination with wood, and what can be made from it, or my love of puppets and all things moving, such as automata. Obviously, the combination of the two wins every time

Automata can be seen in many different ways – to me, it is animated or mechanised sculpture. It can be inspiring, amusing, simple and yet powerful, or ingenious and intriguing. My automata are an attempt at all of these.

The making process for each one can vary from a sudden inspiration to a progression of an idea taken and developed step by step.
Keeping the wood in its natural unpainted state not only exposes its inherent characteristics, but sometimes it can also show or indicate the working process.

Over the years, I have tended to keep the mechanism open to be viewed. In my mind it often forms part of the over-all design.