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ceramics / Swindon

“My work is originally inspired by canopic jars, which held vital organs of the deceased Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian tradition. The liver, lings, intestines and stomach were removed from the body and preserved separately. The lids of these jars were shaped like the head of a god guarding each organ.”

“Drawing ideas from modern day obsession with fame, I make ‘contemporary canopic jars’ which commemorate the lives of celebrities, specifically relating to the organs causing their death.”

“I combine traditional techniques and cutting edge processes. The contrast of ceramics and water jet cut steel complements the differences between themes of Ancient Egypt and modern fame explored in my work.”

“I have also created a group of canopic jars. ‘Can-opic’ is a metaphorical brand of fizzy drink for Pharaohs in the afterlife. Available in many flavours including liver, lungs, intestines and stomach.” – Lucy Foakes

Lucy’s display of ceramic vessels and cans were featured at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2013.