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Jeweller / London

The Re:Cycle collection by Emma Ware is sculptural and tactile, unique yet classic, these pieces take jewellery design into a new realm.

Made by juxtaposing malleable dark rubber with polished metal, these are intricate sculptures that are framed and complimented by the body. Reflecting our curves and angles to emphasize and celebrate the beauty in nature. Soft, tactile and moveable these creations need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated.

Not only are these pieces unique, they grow from a sustainable, ethical perspective. The design is of primary importance, the fact the materials are reclaimed is fundamental but not obvious. All pieces are made by hand in her London studio, each is a one-off, an art work in itself.

A London based artist and designer with a background in fine and applied arts, Emma studied for a degree at Wimbledon School of Arts and a diploma in Broadcasting at Ravensbourne College. She went on to build a career in Film and TV, working in the camera department as a clapper loader and focus puller. Feeling an increasing need to have creative independence and for the love of making, Emma began her jewellery business.