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Jeweller / Liverpool

Anthony Wong Designs specialises in the design and manufacture of exciting, innovative, contemporary hand made jewellery and precious objects, for exhibition, gallery inclusion and personal clients.

Purity of materials, method and form captivates – refining designs to the minimum form to produce a piece with a timeless interest, element of fun and an intangible beauty.

Anthony specialises in designing and re-designing exclusive jewellery, supplying new precious metals and stones, including diamonds, silver, gold and platinum, or remodelling existing pieces whilst retaining their original importance and meaning. The design process and involvement of the client is of great significance; for both private and gallery clients this personal specialism is an important and enjoyable experience.

Since finishing his Masters at The Royal College of Art in 2018, Anthony has continued to explore themes and concepts surrounding the subject of kindling of memory by connecting an object, to self in time and place.