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I started my professional practice/business designing and making contemporary jewellery in 2001 from a workshop in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. I have exhibited and sold my work widely across the UK and ventured into the international market place.  I enjoy the challenges of designing and producing a unique range of jewellery that holds commercial possibilities, alongside opportunities to create one-off or commission specific piece’s that can be larger/ bolder in design.

I studied for a BA Hons degree in 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University, followed by an MA specialising in jewellery design at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. I still live and work in Birmingham.

In my latest collection the forms have evolved from an initial interest in feathers and the connotations with decoration and display.  The elements are simplified, abstracted and combined to create wearable compositions using silver, vitreous enamels and resin with some gold details.

My approach to jewellery is to express what interests me visually, drawing on shape and form from the natural world and presenting it an abstracted way. Through the design process I explore form through simple lines and how repeating or layering materials and components can change the effect of a piece.  I employ a variety of metal forming techniques, using hand tools and skills alongside the casting process.

After a period of research I am developing a new body of work alongside continuing existing collections. This explores ideas of emotion and emotional responses. One strand is inspired heavily by microscopic images of disease and bacteria, translating images of matter that we find unpleasant and finding the beauty within it to evoke a contrasting response. For this work I am exploring scale by working on larger pieces for walls as well as pieces of jewellery.