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Textile Artist / Liverpool

Born in France, Christine Toh has been living and working in Liverpool since 1992. She has always been interested in the creative process but it is only when she discovered print making shortly after moving to the UK that she slowly moved on to become a practising a multidisciplinary and textile artist. Christine has a BA (First Class Hons) in Fashion and Textile Design from John Moores University, 2008. She is working from her studio space at Arena Studios in Liverpool.

She works with textile and paper and is interested in the layering effect of printing techniques and plays with colours. Her work tries to capture the fragility within the elements surrounding us and the traces and marks left behind with the passage of time. The journey into her love for textile, threads and colours started by observing her mum now 88 years old who has been practising traditional embroidery all along her life, with patience, assiduity and rigor.

This exhibition is an opportunity for Christine to rework on a selection of napkins embroidered by her mum as part of a “trousseau” conferring them a new contemporary function and identity and acknowledging her mum’s humble and modest story.