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Jeweller / Australia

Born in a remote coastal area in West Cork, Southern Ireland in 1979, a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones, mermaids purses’, feathers and pods found along the sea shore has been the inspiration for my work.

While studying at Glasgow School of Art, I experimented with hand made paper and silver as mediums for creating large sculptural pieces of jewellery and smaller silversmithing pieces. My work has always been very tactile and organic and the use of paper enhances this tactility and also brings a light translucent quality to the pieces.

I began a residency at Bishopsland Workshops in South Oxfordshire in 2002, where I spent two years. I used the opportunity to experiment with larger scale silversmithing and to develop a range of silver and 18ct gold jewellery.

In 2008 I re-located to Melbourne Australia, where I now have a beautiful garden studio, allowing me to look after my young family and continue to create my jewellery and silverware.

My silversmithing range is all based on pod vessels; I create small and large pod vessels, bowls, vases and tableware. I use fine silver and 24ct gold to create these pieces, which are all hand raised, from flat sheets of metal. I use hammers and mallets to add surface texture and decoration to the pieces, and acid to take the silver surface back to its natural white state. The vessels are constructed to be free standing and off centre, giving them a fluid natural quality.

I have created new ranges of both silversmithing and jewellery inspired by my visit. These include “gum nut”; clusters of small pod and leaf vessels using 18ct gold, fine silver, oxidised silver and gold plate.

My jewellery has been inspired by natural forms, primarily seedpods and I have created a body of work based on pod like structures. I use silver, 18 carat gold, silk paper and gum nuts to create my jewellery. Collections include “Daisy”, Acorn Cup”, ” Acorn Cup Wrap” and “Silver Acorn Cup Wrap”. These pieces are constructed from individual acorn cup and daisy units assembled to create both large and small scale pieces of jewellery. The cups are assembled to hang in long articulated chains or set in to intricate wire structures that adorn the body.