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I make Wall pieces from a variety of metals, for domestic, commercial and public settings.

The Wall pieces are composed of contrasting polished metal and decayed, etched marks, evoking a sense of history.  I’m drawn to old buildings; the impression on a wall made by years of collision with a door handle; the pattern of damp on peeling wallpaper; chipping paint on window frames.  All are evidence of the passage of time and unintentional decoration.

One aspect of my work focuses on capturing the quality of vivacious, expressive marks that can be achieved on paper and canvas, on to the surface of metal. I use a palette of etching techniques and chemical patinas to mark, texture and colour the metal in an intuitive way, contrasting the pieces’ precise construction.

Following graduation from a mixed-medial degree at the University of Wolverhampton in 2002, I joined the art department at Liverpool Hope University as an Artist in Residence on the Crafts Council Next Move Scheme.  Following this two-year residency, I set up a metalworking studio in a 19th century police station; Bridewell Studios, in Liverpool city centre, with the support of the Crafts Council development award.

I exhibited regularly at shows such as Chelsea Craft Fair, and later Origin, the London Craft Fair, as well as at group exhibitions in well-respected UK Craft and Art Galleries.  In 2005, I began to exhibit internationally, predominantly at the US- based SOFA; Sculptural Objects and Functional Art shows, in New York, Chicago and later, Santa Fe, as well as at high profile shows such as Collect, back in London.

In 2006, my practice became more focussed on commission-based work, primarily for corporate clients such as banks, investment companies, yachts and hotels, but also for private interiors, and for public clients, such as schools and public museums. This diversity of projects keeps me creatively inspired, and challenged.