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Glass / Manchester

Joe experiments with mould blown glass, with research into the relationship between digital and analogue processes influencing his practice. Applying his experimental approach to the mould making process has seen Joe use digital CNC technology in the Poly Vase project as well as producing intricate welded steel moulds for the Forced Form Vase series.

The Forced Form Vases were all created from one reusable steel mould. Designed with the intention of allowing batch production of an aesthetically pleasing form, the hand blown glass vases feature an array of colour.

The mould was constructed from irregular triangles and polygons cut from mild steel. Once cut, each piece is aligned then welded to form the unique mould.

Although produced using one mould each piece has its own unique detailing due to variables such as the heat of the mould when used, the amount of glass when gathered and chemical properties of the various colours used.

A range of transparent and opaque colours were used in the series, with the transparent colours refracting the light beautifully while the opaques appear almost plastic-like and intrigue the viewer as to the material from which it is derived.