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Printmaker / Suffolk

I delight in the texture and decorative qualities of etched marks and the extensive shapes of broad colour which fuse into timeless imagery. My work combines the intellectual and the emotive with the topographical and the romantic traditions of English etching. My interested is in man’s impact upon the landscape, the contrast between architecture and the countryside and the way in which man has manipulated the surface for his own use.

My work links very strongly to the Neo-Romantic traditions of John Piper, Paul Nash and Graham Sutherland. I never work straight from nature, instead I draw and photograph the subject and work out ideas in the studio. I experiment with striking colour blends, yellow skies, vermillion frees and blue grass to amplify the senses. I have found much inspiration in the landscapes of Wales, Cumbria, Dorset and Suffolk. Ruined abbeys and castles have also found their place in my collection of nostalgic and evocative images. It has become a tangible voyage.

I attended Cheltenham School of Art in the mid 40s.

My time is devoted to the printing studio in Suffolk where my work is individually hand etched, inked, coloured and printed.