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Textile Artist / Surrey

My practice focuses on hand woven, hand constructed and hand embellished Passementerie that are designed to be worn on the body as playful, luxurious and exuberant decorations and accessories. I also hand weave bespoke lengths that are used to decorate interior accessories and furnishings. In addition, I also create exuberant and lively large-scale fabrics that are created using Passementerie methods.

Passementerie is a traditional technique and I draw on classical methods of hand craftsmanship, combined with a contemporary, original and innovative approach in regards to material choice, colour, texture, design and application. I often use a wide variety of materials within my work including feathers, climbing cords, reclaimed fur, metal, sequins and leather. My work celebrates the art of Passementerie and its extensive heritage whilst breathing new life into this often ignored and undervalued craft.

My mixed media work is produced by hand in my studio and is often sculptural and structural in nature. I work with a wide variety of creation methods including hand manipulation and looping, macramé, knotting and binding, pleating, cord making, dyeing and embellishment.