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Ceramicist / London

Yasmin Lennon – Chong is a visual artist currently based in London. Originally trained in Graphic Design, her work explores the tensions between clean and imperfect aesthetics, questions of authenticity and the psychological bearing these may have. She seeks to examine the strong relationship between humans and objects, exploring the value and importance we place on physical things as well as sentimental bonds with non-functional, representative forms. The works displayed at Bluecoat Display Centre are a series of work-in-progress experiments in the manipulation of a broken aesthetic, utilizing natural materials, methods of destruction and concealing layers of acrylic paint. Breakages are contrived to explore how we might connect with this aesthetic, offering a sense of immediacy and a haphazard, tactile quality that handcrafted objects are often imbued with. A broken tile sat atop a ruined plinth is the epitome of this idea and communicates a prominent desire for a World both authentic and unprocessed. The works displayed at the