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Jewellery, Leather worker / London

“My jewellery celebrates the pleasure of the unpredictable and the overwhelming potential of this natural material.”

Tania Clarke Hall is an award-winning jeweller working in leather.  Influenced by her background in chemistry and a love of Japanese design, with its wabi-sabi aesthetic, Tania’s bold and dramatic pieces are designed with a deceptively simple economy of line.  She delights in moulding, slashing, and colouring the leather using experimental and innovative techniques that continually push the boundaries of her medium.  The result is elegant yet playful jewellery, created to be worn in a variety of ways: twisted, scooped, wrapped or draped on the body.  The beauty of her jewellery is only truly apparent when worn.  Then the pieces shift and change to reveal different perspectives, helical shapes and sudden bursts of colour. Tactile, warm, malleable and beautifully lightweight, her jewellery is a pleasure to wear.