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Mike Byrne – Liverpool Irish Festival

Mike Byrne – Liverpool Irish Festival / Thursday 1st October 2020 - Saturday 31st October 2020

For five years the Bluecoat Display Centre has partnered the Liverpool Irish Festival, selecting a contemporary Irish craft maker to exhibit here – In the Window– for the month of October.

In celebration and support of the festival Mike Byrne has been selected* to exhibit In the Window.

Mike Byrne has always been interested in domestic ceramics, more specifically the jug, the archetypical domestic object, he uses it to explore the edges of, and the connections between design, function, narrative and art. The use of a combination of fired clay and other materials, both found and worked, and the freedom to play fast and loose with the elements, is an attempt to erode the boundaries between these disciplines. The way in which we consider familiar objects and their various relationships with symbolism, ceramic history and material culture is also part of the exploration.

Each piece is slab built, with surface patina resulting from multiple layers of engobe or coloured slips. Numerous firings take place until the desired depth of surface colour and texture is reached. Other elements, found objects etc, are attached after the final firing.

*Bluecoat Display Centre and Liverpool Irish Festival are delighted to be working with the Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) again, who will support the call out and contribute towards transport costs. The selection panel is made up of representatives from the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool Irish Festival and Design Council of Northern Ireland.

Liverpool Irish Festival 2020 (#LIF2020) and theme: “Exchange”

Each year the Liverpool Irish Festival sets a programme theme. Past themes have included, “unique stories, creatively told”, migration, the meaning of ‘Irishness’ and conviviality. To build the theme, we pose questions to help us question and learn about Irishness, its influence and its creative spirit.

About the Design & Crafts Council Ireland

The Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) is the national agency for the commercial development of Irish designers and makers, stimulating innovation, championing design thinking and informing Government policy. DCCI’s activities are funded by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation via Enterprise Ireland. DCCI currently has over 60 member organisations and more than 3,000 registered clients.



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