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Amanda Priest Jewellery – GNCCF 2018 Exhibition Prize selection

Amanda Priest Jewellery – GNCCF 2018 Exhibition Prize selection / Friday 1st June 2018 - Saturday 30th June 2018

Bluecoat Display Centre have chosen Amanda from the selection of artists exhibiting their works at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair 2017, in Manchester. Her work will appear In The Window here for the month of June in 2018. This is the first time Amanda has been exhibited in the gallery and will introduce her work to our audience. The selection panel felt her designs were beautiful of a particularly high standard

“I have had a longstanding obsession with jewellery since being a child so beginning a BA Hons in Contemporary Jewellery Design felt a very natural progression, after a twenty year career within the fashion industry.

In contrast to the trend led, fast world of fashion, my jewellery evokes a sense of timelessness to suit a wearer of any age. It is important to me, as a Maker, that my jewellery conveys the thought explored behind each piece. I like things to matter, life to matter, jewellery to matter. The narrative behind each piece is as important to me as the jewellery itself.

There is a sense of fulfilment in taking a piece of metal and transforming it into an item of jewellery to be enjoyed by the wearer for many years to come, maybe to become a family heirloom.

My inspiration is drawn from personal memories, experiences, travel, situations, conversations, whilst each individual creation holds a sense of sentimentality. In my work I explore the perceived value of jewellery and how each of us, as individuals, apportion value. What makes something valuable or not valuable?

I enjoy working with my hands to produce one off individual pieces which function but remain precious and timeless. I particularly enjoy working with precious metals and stones.” – Amanda Priest

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